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September 26

6 pm at rainbow theatre

100 kids that care

100 Kids Whistler's purpose is to show that philanthropy comes, simply, from the willingness to help; anyone can contribute regardless of age, gender or financial status. 100 Kids Whistler wants to inspire the next generation by providing a forum to contribute to local charities. We want to share the true spirit and joy of giving, and let our littlest locals see for themselves what a difference their contributions can make.

100Kids x $10 x 1 Hour = $1,000 for a local charity of their choice!

Kids ages 5-18

Charity Recipient


Each quarter 100 Kids Who Care Whistler will randomly select three registered charities from our collection of member-nominated organizations. These three charities will be asked to come and present to our membership group. A vote will take place after all three nominees have presented and majority wins. The selected charity organization will receive the entirety of funds from our membership group ($100 per member).

Their logo and organization description will appear here!

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