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December 19

6 pm at rainbow theatre

100 kids that care

100 Kids Whistler's purpose is to show that philanthropy comes, simply, from the willingness to help; anyone can contribute regardless of age, gender or financial status. 100 Kids Whistler wants to inspire the next generation by providing a forum to contribute to local charities. We want to share the true spirit and joy of giving, and let our littlest locals see for themselves what a difference their contributions can make.

100Kids x $10 x 1 Hour = $1,000 for a local charity of their choice!

Kids ages 5-18

October 1, Charity Recipient

Whistler Community Services Society

$1,001 Raised - October 2, 2019

School Lunch Program

The kids donated $541 to this program, and two local businesses (Harmony Massage Therapy and Dub Tubs - Quality Pool and Spa Services) topped up the total donation to $1,001.

WCSS has adapted their school lunch program to better support food security and nutrition within our community. Their goal is to support the health and academic engagement of students by delivering snacks and lunch items Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to all five of Whistler’s schools. There is no application process. Snacks and lunch items are available throughout the day for any children who may have forgotten to pack a lunch and/or require additions to their lunch. Food will be provided in low profile packaging that can be obtained from a communal student access fridge. All food items that are prepared or repackaged are date stamped and labelled clearly with ingredients, allergy alerts, or to denote items that are for a restricted diet.

Charity Recipient


Each quarter 100 Kids Who Care Whistler will randomly select three organizations from our collection of member nominations. These three organizations will be asked to come and present to our membership group. A vote will take place after all three nominees have presented. The organization with the majority vote will receive the entirety of funds from our membership group ($10 per member).

Their logo and organization description will appear here!

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