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In order to be eligible to present to our membership, nominated organizations must be based in the Sea to Sky community (Whistler, Squamish, Pemberton) and must be a registered not-for-profit or charitable organization eligible to provide tax receipts for donations. It must be previously established (no start-ups). No national or international charities, programs or organizations will be considered at this time as the current focus is on contributing to our local community. Charities that are nominated and selected to present to membership are not eligible to return to the nomination list for 1 year. Charities that are nominated and selected through ballot vote to receive 100 Women Whistler funds are not eligible to return to the nomination list for 3 years.

Whistler Community Services Society

$12,000 Raised - May 26, 2021

TOGETHER Outreach Appeal

Whistler is a town synonymous with dreams. However, we are not immune to the challenges in society found outside our beautiful valley. Substance use, depression, anxiety, and financial insecurity all live here alongside us. While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light many of these personal challenges people are facing, these difficult issues have been in our community long before the pandemic came along. And Whistler Community Services Society is here to help. In fact, they have been helping since 1989.

Alongside National Mental Health Week, WCSS launched an appeal to our community. By June 15th, they aim to raise $50,000 in support of inclusive outreach programs designed to support and enrich the lives of our community’s underserved residents.

Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre

$11,500 Raised - February 24, 2021

Boarder X Art Exhibit

The Lil̓wat and Squamish Nations have coexisted in the territory now known as Whistler since time immemorial, thriving on the bounty of the landscapes that surround them. Their cultures are rooted in ancient traditions that are evolving in a modern world. The Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre was built to preserve their cultures and celebrate and share them with others, inspire and educate visitors, guests, and community members about the importance of Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) and Lil̓wat7ul (Lil̓wat) ways and their importance to modern day culture. With 96% Indigenous staff, the SLCC works every day to provide meaningful and purposeful employment to the staff and Ambassadors. Because of COVID-19, very few visitors are coming through the door this year; the Cultural Ambassadors are losing their opportunity to share positive awareness and visibility of Indigenous people with local communities and international guests.

The 100 Women of Whistler have helped fund hope, purpose, and a connection sought to strengthen the Sea to Sky community: a bridge between the passions that lie behind Whistler recreational culture and the Indigenous connection and stewardship of this land. The money raised will help stage Boarder X, an exhibit featuring local and international Indigenous artists that use snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing as mechanisms to demonstrate knowledge and performed relationships with the land. Originally curated at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, this will be the first time an Indigenous owned building will house the spirit provoking pieces. The artwork curated will reflect cultural, political, environmental and social perspectives in relationship to the landscapes and territories we occupy. This is an exhibit aimed to draw stronger relationships between the original people of this land, whom the SLCC represents, and the young adults and kids (and kids at heart) of Whistler and the Sea to Sky community. Cultural Ambassadors and their families working alongside locals, witnessing and experiencing how sport transforms into art, and how Indigenous culture transforms a better understanding of the healing and reconciling effects when there is a shared appreciation and connection to our land.

Board culture is active and growing in Squamish Nation and Lil’wat Nation, and communing with the outdoors has been integral in the communities’ cultural journeys and healing processes. This exhibit is a touchpoint for viewers to gain a deeper understanding of their modern relations with the land, drawing from traditional teachings and cultural knowledge.

Come visit Boarder X when it opens this spring!

Whistler Health Care Foundation

$11,200 Raised - November 25, 2020

Trauma Room Upgrade

Since its opening 25 years ago, the Whistler Health Care Centre (WHCC) has seen a significant increase in trauma and trauma related injuries. An aging and increased population combined with an increase in high-risk sporting activity has put significant pressure on the existing system.

The campaign to raise funds for the upgrades at the WHCC began at the end of 2019, and is the largest single campaign undertaken by the Whistler Health Care Foundation (WHCF). Partnering with Vancouver Coastal Health, the Whistler Health Care Foundation is raising the funds required to increase the usable size and improve the functionality of the current trauma rooms so the medical staff can continue to provide the best care to our most critical patients.

Thanks to this impactful donation from 100 Women Whistler, the WHCF is one step closer to their $1.5M goal to complete this project for our community; construction is scheduled to start Spring 2021.

The Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation  

$11,300 Raised - September 16, 2020

Mental Health Marketing Campaign

The Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation was formed when Kerry and Ginny Dennehy lost their son Kelty from depression related suicide. The Dennehy’s felt very strongly about doing something to make a difference so that others would not have to travel the same journey they did so with the help and support of a dedicated board they formed the Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation in 2001. The mission of the foundation is to provide mental health resources for young people through care, education and research. 

Over the years the foundation has worked with a variety of partners to develop such resources as the Kelty Mental Resource Centre at BC Children’s hospital, the Kelty Dennehy Resource Centre at HOpe Centre at Lions Gate Hospital and, most recently, free online therapy programs called Kelty’s Keys with Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and Vancouver General Hospital. These programs are making an important difference for so many people who have used them, but the unfortunate current situation is that not everyone in our community is aware that these resources exist and are readily available for them when they or someone they care about are in need. During these times of COVID19 we have seen that mental health issues have been on the increase for so many families. It is important that not only those that suffer from mental health issues know about these resources, but it’s also so important for all friends, families, educators and medical professionals to know where and how to access the resources that are available to our community.  

The money that has been awarded to the foundation will be used to hire a professional marketing person to develop a plan and materials so that our community is made better aware of these already funded programs by the foundation. Knowledge is power and getting the message out is the focus of this essential campaign.

Howe Sound Women's Centre

$9,400 Raised - May 27, 2020

Transportation and Technology Support

The Howe Sound Women’s Centre has been supporting the needs of survivors of gender based violence in the Sea to Sky Corridor for nearly 40 years. They provide emergency housing, crisis support, sexual assault response and prevention services, outreach services, children’s counselling and homeless prevention programs throughout the region and each year support more than 5000 visits to their varied programs.

This donation will provide funding for emergency transportation expenses for survivors fleeing violence, particularly for those in remote communities, as well as access to technology for these survivors. Transportation is a major barrier for our community's most vulnerable; this will allow HSWC to purchase gas cards, bus tickets, cab fare, and in some cases, when necessary, the ability to support HSWC staff in transporting a woman to safety. In addition, this gift will also support the purchase of much needed technology for women fleeing violence. Women staying at our transition house or safe home can access the computers available to them there, but for those who need to stay in hotels, providing them with a basic laptop is a lifeline that allows them to begin to safety plan and access the resources (both financial and emotional) that will help them move forward. A key component of this is that these devices are less likely to be traced by their abuser. In addition, for families with children, the laptops would provide access to online learning tools, virtual PEACE Counselling with HSWC's team and connections to friends and family, if deemed safe to do so. These laptops will be gifted to recipients to keep and will serve as a tool towards safety and long term well being.

Arts Whistler

$13,600 Raised - February 26, 2020

Arts Scene Publication 2020/21

Arts Whistler, formerly the Whistler Arts Council, is a registered charity established in 1982 with the goal of weaving arts and culture into the fabric of the Whistler community. They advocate for the arts, local artists, and the local community, providing opportunities for people to have access to bold, inspiring, and engaging experiences in the arts community. Arts Whistler is the community’s umbrella arts organization, playing a significant leadership role in arts advocacy and cultural development.

This donation will allow Arts Whistler to continue to produce the Arts Scene publication (2020/21 issues) free of charge to our community artists, creatives, and community partners. Art Scene is Whistler's guide to everything arts and Culture in Whistler and the Sea to Sky. Events, festivals, music, creative workshops and exhibits – it's all in there! Also features Culture Maps so you can take yourself on a tour of cultural venues, art galleries, public art and check out local art exhibited in shops around town. The cover art always features a local artist.

Families Fighting Cancer in the Sea to Sky

$13,600 Raised - November 13, 2019

2 Year Pilot Project: Expanding to All Eligible Sea to Sky Residents

Families Fighting Cancer in the Sea to Sky (FFCSS) is a volunteer led organization that provides financial and other support and resources to families with dependant children in the Sea to Sky who have been hit by a cancer diagnosis. The project put forward to 100 Women Whistler was to allow FFCSS to proceed with a two year pilot project expanding their mandate to include assisting all eligible Sea To Sky residents with cancer in need. FFCSS has had to turn away requesting community members in the past because they did not meet their organization's original mandate of 'families'. Our donation will allow FFCSS to have specific funds to support all individuals moving forward.

Lil'wat Nation Youth Centre

$12,600 Raised - August 28, 2019

Intergenerational Storytelling Mural Project

The Youth Centre Intergenerational Storytelling Mural Project is a project which fosters intergenerational relationships, mentorship, storytelling, and creativity. The project will start off with a call for proposals to find an artist to lead the project. Once this is complete, there will be a sharing circle with the youth, elders, and artist. At this sharing circle, the elders will share their Lil’wat Nation stories with the youth and artist. After the circle is complete, the artist and youth will create a concept art piece based off the elders’ stories. The youth and the artist will then work from the concept art piece to create a mural in the Lil’wat Nation Youth Centre. Upon completion of the mural, the youth, elders, artist, and community will be invited to the unveiling of the Youth Centre Intergenerational Storytelling Mural, where the artist and youth will share a few words about what the art means to them. “As youth from the Lil’wat Nation, we have been gifted the space to rediscover who we are and how we are connected to our land and values through art, song, storytelling and asking questions. With the Youth Council building this center and environment, we are forever grateful for this intergenerational mural storytelling project as it fits in with our vision and goals extraordinarily well. Our intention as the Youth Council is to have created a space for our youth to go and relax while learning more about themselves in a nice, non-invasive way with the chance to discover new ways they can express themselves. Many thanks to all the people who believed in this project and support us whatever way possible, it is creating strength and pride as well as reconnecting the generations. What a beautiful world to create with this opportunity,” said Elizabeth Peters, Lil’wat Nation Youth Council Representative. “This project is important. It is important because it provides an opportunity for the Lil’wat Elders and the Youth to connect in a safe and culturally relevant way: sharing stories; our stories; our history. I am grateful for the 100 Women Whistler contribution because it allows for a project that the community wants with no strings attached. This is a great example of reconciliation,” said Kúkwpi7 Skalúlmecw Chief Dean Nelson.

Zero Ceiling Society of Canada

$11,300 Raised - May 29, 2019

Zero Ceiling reduces youth homelessness and raises the quality of life for young people experiencing homelessness from Vancouver through the Sea to Sky Corridor. They provide housing, employment and professional support that empowers young people with effective, practical tools to live healthy and independent lives. Through adventure-based learning, Zero Ceiling provide opportunities for young people to experience mountain life and cultivate healthy, purposeful direction in their lives. Their Work 2 Live program and Adventure Sessions provide structured outdoor experiences and life skills support that help participants, ages 16-24, get off the streets and into the mountains of Whistler, BC. They believe that mountain experiences are powerful agents for change. All young people should get the chance to breathe mountain air, hear the scrape of a board on snow, feel earth below feet, and wind whooshing past their ears. They should also be given the chance to learn the value of working hard and to feel the pride that comes from building a self-supportive life.


Each quarter 100 Women Who Care Whistler will randomly select three registered charities from our collection of member-nominated organizations. These three charities will be asked to come and present to our membership group. A vote will take place after all three nominees have presented and majority wins. The selected charity organization will receive the entirety of funds from our membership group ($100 per member).

Their logo and organization description will appear here!

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