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Sea to Sky Hospice Society

The Importance of 1 on 1 Counseling in the Sea to Sky Corridor

The Sea to Sky Hospice Society actively promotes compassionate care and provides support to improve the quality of life for people of all cultures with life limiting illness, their loved ones and the bereaved throughout the Sea to Sky Corridor. We were founded and are currently located in Squamish, however in our 15 years of service we have expanded our reach to community members throughout the Sea to Sky. We currently support individuals and families from Birken to Lion’s Bay.

Overall hospice staff and volunteers offer an extra layer of support, positively impacting physician and nursing teams, as well as individuals and families during life’s most challenging times. We provide counselling groups and one on one support to people throughout the Corridor.

The funds that we will receive from the 100 Women Who Care Whistler Group will support our 1 on 1 counselling program so that we can meet the increasing needs of the Sea to Sky Community members who are struggling with a life limiting diagnosis, caregiving for a loved one or grieving the death of a loved one. Over the past 2 years and particularly since Covid we have noticed an increase in people seeking more one on one counselling support. We have seen that former resources such as volunteers, groups, peer connections and other sources of support are less available now. As well, people are feeling the stress of the pandemic, particularly those who are trying to manage the grief they are experiencing due to the end of their own life or someone they love. The hospice society has always offered free one on one limited counselling sessions, and over the years we have seen the need for this support increase. Some of the reasons are due to the changing face of those facing end of life, no longer only the elderly, we now we see more people at a younger age in our programs, we are more often approached by surviving parents for assistance in speaking to their children about death and grief, we see COVID significantly impacting caregivers which causes them to reach out for support more frequently and grievers are struggling due to the lack of formal end of life acknowledgements and community support.

These funds will help us continue to reach out to community members throughout the Sea to Sky allowing us to offer one on one counselling support to more people in need. So far this year the Sea to Sky Hospice Society has personally reached out to over 77 clients and with these additional grant funds we will see those numbers increase by potentially 125+ counselling sessions per year. These funds will enable community residents to be seen by a Registered Clinical Counsellor (offering supported fees) as they face their own end of life or the death of a loved one.

When people think of hospice they typically think of Grandma or Grandpa dying peacefully in a beautiful setting and lovely volunteers there to support. The fact is our corridor often sees more complex deaths – younger people, sudden losses, Medical Assistance in Dying (Maid), suicide deaths and often these deaths young survivors, unexpected parents and even children needing support. The Sea to Sky Hospice Society is the main source of care for those seeking grief counselling. We recognize that while not all grief is traumatic and can be supported with trained volunteers, some grief is more traumatic and requires trained individuals to offer evidence-based counselling. With the support of 100 Women who care Whistler we will meet that need and provide this compassion counselling support for the dying and the grieving in our corridor.

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