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The Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation 

Mental Health Marketing Campaign

The Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation was formed when Kerry and Ginny Dennehy lost their son Kelty from depression related suicide. The Dennehy’s felt very strongly about doing something to make a difference so that others would not have to travel the same journey they did so with the help and support of a dedicated board they formed the Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation in 2001. The mission of the foundation is to provide mental health resources for young people through care, education and research. 

Over the years the foundation has worked with a variety of partners to develop such resources as the Kelty Mental Resource Centre at BC Children’s hospital, the Kelty Dennehy Resource Centre at HOpe Centre at Lions Gate Hospital and, most recently, free online therapy programs called Kelty’s Keys with Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and Vancouver General Hospital. These programs are making an important difference for so many people who have used them, but the unfortunate current situation is that not everyone in our community is aware that these resources exist and are readily available for them when they or someone they care about are in need. During these times of COVID19 we have seen that mental health issues have been on the increase for so many families. It is important that not only those that suffer from mental health issues know about these resources, but it’s also so important for all friends, families, educators and medical professionals to know where and how to access the resources that are available to our community.  

The money that has been awarded to the foundation will be used to hire a professional marketing person to develop a plan and materials so that our community is made better aware of these already funded programs by the foundation. Knowledge is power and getting the message out is the focus of this essential campaign.

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