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Lil'wat Nation Youth Centre

Intergenerational Storytelling Mural Project

The Youth Centre Intergenerational Storytelling Mural Project is a project which fosters intergenerational relationships, mentorship, storytelling, and creativity. The project will start off with a call for proposals to find an artist to lead the project. Once this is complete, there will be a sharing circle with the youth, elders, and artist. At this sharing circle, the elders will share their Lil’wat Nation stories with the youth and artist. After the circle is complete, the artist and youth will create a concept art piece based off the elders’ stories. The youth and the artist will then work from the concept art piece to create a mural in the Lil’wat Nation Youth Centre. Upon completion of the mural, the youth, elders, artist, and community will be invited to the unveiling of the Youth Centre Intergenerational Storytelling Mural, where the artist and youth will share a few words about what the art means to them. “As youth from the Lil’wat Nation, we have been gifted the space to rediscover who we are and how we are connected to our land and values through art, song, storytelling and asking questions. With the Youth Council building this center and environment, we are forever grateful for this intergenerational mural storytelling project as it fits in with our vision and goals extraordinarily well. Our intention as the Youth Council is to have created a space for our youth to go and relax while learning more about themselves in a nice, non-invasive way with the chance to discover new ways they can express themselves. Many thanks to all the people who believed in this project and support us whatever way possible, it is creating strength and pride as well as reconnecting the generations. What a beautiful world to create with this opportunity,” said Elizabeth Peters, Lil’wat Nation Youth Council Representative. “This project is important. It is important because it provides an opportunity for the Lil’wat Elders and the Youth to connect in a safe and culturally relevant way: sharing stories; our stories; our history. I am grateful for the 100 Women Whistler contribution because it allows for a project that the community wants with no strings attached. This is a great example of reconciliation,” said Kúkwpi7 Skalúlmecw Chief Dean Nelson.

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