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august 28

7 pm at the fairmont chateau whistler

(Registration and Beverage Reception begins at 6pm)

May 29 - Charity Recipient

Zero Ceiling Society of Canada

Zero Ceiling reduces youth homelessness and raises the quality of life for young people experiencing homelessness from Vancouver through the Sea to Sky Corridor. They provide housing, employment and professional support that empowers young people with effective, practical tools to live healthy and independent lives. Through adventure-based learning, Zero Ceiling provide opportunities for young people to experience mountain life and cultivate healthy, purposeful direction in their lives. Their Work 2 Live program and Adventure Sessions provide structured outdoor experiences and life skills support that help participants, ages 16-24, get off the streets and into the mountains of Whistler, BC. They believe that mountain experiences are powerful agents for change. All young people should get the chance to breathe mountain air, hear the scrape of a board on snow, feel earth below feet, and wind whooshing past their ears. They should also be given the chance to learn the value of working hard and to feel the pride that comes from building a self-supportive life.

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