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Howe Sound Women's Centre

Transportation and Technology Support

The Howe Sound Women’s Centre has been supporting the needs of survivors of gender based violence in the Sea to Sky Corridor for nearly 40 years. They provide emergency housing, crisis support, sexual assault response and prevention services, outreach services, children’s counselling and homeless prevention programs throughout the region and each year support more than 5000 visits to their varied programs.

This donation will provide funding for emergency transportation expenses for survivors fleeing violence, particularly for those in remote communities, as well as access to technology for these survivors. Transportation is a major barrier for our community's most vulnerable; this will allow HSWC to purchase gas cards, bus tickets, cab fare, and in some cases, when necessary, the ability to support HSWC staff in transporting a woman to safety. In addition, this gift will also support the purchase of much needed technology for women fleeing violence. Women staying at our transition house or safe home can access the computers available to them there, but for those who need to stay in hotels, providing them with a basic laptop is a lifeline that allows them to begin to safety plan and access the resources (both financial and emotional) that will help them move forward. A key component of this is that these devices are less likely to be traced by their abuser. In addition, for families with children, the laptops would provide access to online learning tools, virtual PEACE Counselling with HSWC's team and connections to friends and family, if deemed safe to do so. These laptops will be gifted to recipients to keep and will serve as a tool towards safety and long term well being.

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